Things I Have Learned From My Mother

27 Sep

1. If you have the spins, put one foot on the floor.

2. A bad man can wear a suit and tie just as easily as a good man.

3. Marry a man with hair on his chest. (I didn’t, and look how that turned out.)

4. Get cremated. Eventually, if you are buried, you will be dug up and possibly featured on the cover of National Geographic.

5. Don’t let anyone but your father call you “sweetheart.”

6. If you try your hardest, it will make failing easier to bear.

7. If a man puts his hand in the small of your back on the first date, there will not be a second date.

8. Pecans should be facing up in a pie.

9. You have two families: the one you are born into, and the one you make.

10. There is no such thing as too late.


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