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Things You Should Know About Me

16 Nov

My top lip is swollen (my lips swell when I am stressed out) (I know it’s weird) (No, I don’t know why) and today I look like a morose octopus with a tiny beak! 

Keeping A Vigil

11 Nov

I don’t understand what it’s like to be a military wife, and I won’t ever. But I do know the protracted fear a person experiences when someone they love is at war, for really real at war. It’s a panicked grief that transcends belief systems. I don’t care what you think about war, or even what I think about it, because we haven’t been there. It does not matter what we think.

My family is not a military family. We are fighters, but not combatants and my sisters and I – well, we came pretty close to being born in Canada.

All of this to say, the Little Sister married a military man. It changed our family, but not as much as it changed their lives. To say that I am grateful for his service is paltry, but I am. Grateful for his service, for their love, that he is home.

Retail For Life

7 Nov

I picked up a second job when I was going through my divorce, and for two years I’ve worked at a big box retailer (rhymes with Mears) in the visuals/signing department. I like it the way that you might like watching someone else fight with her boyfriend. It’s funny because it doesn’t really matter to you…but if it did matter, your day would be ruined.

Anyway, because it’s not nearly my main source of income and because I have free reign of all the back areas, I take a particular delight in all the weird shit I see and find.


Poor creepy baby doll in the trash.

Wrong Number

4 Nov

File this under “things that have happened to me that people don’t believe and then they say, this shit only happens to you and i’m all, I KNOW.”


A Message

2 Nov

To the person who found this blog by Googling, “I don’t wear underwear,” I would just like to say…hello. Hello, friend. Ye of little undergarments, I hope you found what you were looking for.