Keeping A Vigil

11 Nov

I don’t understand what it’s like to be a military wife, and I won’t ever. But I do know the protracted fear a person experiences when someone they love is at war, for really real at war. It’s a panicked grief that transcends belief systems. I don’t care what you think about war, or even what I think about it, because we haven’t been there. It does not matter what we think.

My family is not a military family. We are fighters, but not combatants and my sisters and I – well, we came pretty close to being born in Canada.

All of this to say, the Little Sister married a military man. It changed our family, but not as much as it changed their lives. To say that I am grateful for his service is paltry, but I am. Grateful for his service, for their love, that he is home.

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