Come Back To Me

19 Dec

Barack Obama e-mailed me today and told me that the last of the troops have left Iraq. For all intents and purposes, the war in Iraq is over. I am adhering to my policy that, as someone who has not been to war, I do not comment on war.

The Little Sister does get to comment. This is what she said.

I feel good about it. It was unnecessary, always. I remember the day war was declared in Iraq. I was high in April’s living room. I remember meeting Sergeant Jennings—he was my husband’s recruiter. He was there, in Iraq, the day war was declared.

I remember the day I sent my husband to Iraq, to war. All I could say to him was, “Come back to me.”

I know every cross street in Iraq, and I won’t forget. Ever

Today, I know that he won’t be there ever again.

That is all anyone needs to know, I think.

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