Highlights of 2011

3 Jan

In no particular order, here is a list of things that weren’t awful in 2011.

1. Seeing the Little Sister not once, but twice, on lower 48 soil. I love that crazy puta—she is the tanner, better half of me.

2. Watching three women I love very much enter the institution of marriage. I hope yours work out better than mine, and I mean that in the least flippant way possible. Maybe the universe will suck up my heartache and be full, and leave you be.

3. Making out with a (mostly) blind redhead at a train station in Indiana. Sure, it didn’t end well, but man. That was a fun day.

4. Perfecting the art of the first date. (To do in 2012: perfect the art of the second date.)

5. The day my mom drove 2 hours to do my dishes, order me pizza, and lay on the couch with me while I coughed pitifully.

6. Meeting my friend Nealy’s baby for the first time. He knew my voice from the start, and even now when I talk about bad dates (see #3 and #4), I can tell he’s listening.

As years go, 2011 was decent. I would live it again if I had to, but I don’t! I hope that 2012 brings me (and all the other jerks who don’t deserve it) more joy, adventures, and love.

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