Just Once

11 Feb

I am not a badass. I have been known to do some badass things in my life (see: lighting ex-husband on fire) but ultimately I am a kind person. I want the people around me to be happy and, depending on their level of cuteness and number of tattoos, I want them to like me and pet my hair. It’s awful. It’s awful because people are careless and also because my mother is a bad ass. She is the baddest of asses and that’s how she raised me to be.

She has a philosophy that I have tried to adopt as my own. It’s called “just once.”

 If anyone was ever a bit too sassy with my mother, she would look at him and say, “Just once.” As in, you get to hurt me once and then you will never have the chance to do it again.

Certainly there are people who have hurt her more than once – she has been married for 40 years, so – but she has drastically cut down on the bullshit and heartache in her life through this policy.

In my own marriage, I said “Just once, motherfucker” until it was…just over. I am slowly getting better at putting my foot down, limiting the number of times a careless person has access to me. It is not easy. I so desperately want to believe that people are good. They are not.

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