25 Mar

One of my favorite bloggers is Mighty Girl. She’s adorable, named her son Hank, and manages to make me want to better my life without making me feel like shit about the Cheeto stains on my fingers.

This week she posted a tutorial on scarf tying (look, I know) and included a bit about prison tattoos. I left a comment which said, “Who DOESN’T want a prison tattoo?” because a) I am hilarious and b) no one actually WANTS a prison tattoo because no one wants to go to prison, duh.

This is where it gets extra hilarious, at least to me. There’s a blog called Get Off My Internets (I refuse to link those mouth breathers) where there is a forum where people go to exclusively complain about Mighty Girl. For realsies. And I was lucky enough to be mentioned in one of the latest complaints. It got me about 11 visitors, from what I can tell from my stats page.

“She says “Who DOESN’T want a prison tattoo?” Because to these women it’s a funny joke. It’s not a place people live and die, or part of a system where 1 in 32 people in the U.S. are enmeshed. It’s cute!”

Internet! It’s like YOU’RE INSIDE OF MY MIND. I definitely meant that prison is cute and that I have no concept of what it means to be imprisoned and I for sure had no idea that so many Americans were in prison.

Tell you what. Instead of reading blogs I hate and then going to another blog so I can complain about them, I’m going to log off the goddamn Internet and do something good in the actual world. Jesus. PEOPLE.

2 Responses to “Holler!”

  1. snguyen617 March 25, 2012 at 7:11 pm #

    Lol! I just came here from Mighty Girl’s site from your comment. I had no idea there was a whole community committed to making smug remarks behind people’s backs! And to take the internet so seriously… I never understood that. I know I have more important things to be offended about other than the use of a phrase on an independent blogger’s post.

  2. No mittens, no pie March 25, 2012 at 8:54 pm #

    Because you’re a NORMAL PERSON. Thanks for commenting!

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