Beautiful Auntie

30 Jun

The other night I went for Indian with my friend Nealy and her baby.

Cool story, right?

There’s more, hold on. So, we went to India House on Division. I went to India House once in….2008. When we walked into the restaurant, it was empty except the owner, Tony. Who looked at me and said, “You haven’t been here in SO LONG. Where have you been?”

And I was all…umm…working? I’ve been working a lot. Since 2008.

I can’t fathom that anyone would remember me for a space longer than…4 minutes. But I do have a Large Black Tattoo and it is sort of an identifying mark, so maybe he did. Maybe he did.

Throughout our meal, he told me has 3 children and 4 cars. Women ask him to get them pregnant a lot, but he refuses because he’s a gentleman. He asked my name and then played me an Indian love song that contained a word that sort of sounded like, you know, my name. Then he gave me his phone number and said he would take me to India or Ohio, whichever. He would come over and make me samosas, or whatever.

And he kept telling the poor baby, who Nealy and I were holding in tandem while shoving food in our faces, that he had such a beautiful auntie, such a lovely nice auntie who would surely call Uncle Tony one of these days.

I paid in cash.

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