My Head and My Heart

19 Aug

Tonight I am going to pick up the Older Sister at the airport (with my parents – they don’t trust me with such precious cargo for a 2 hour drive to the homestead, obviously). Today is a day when I should be celebrating my marriage, but as you might recall, that will not be the case.

My sister is carrying the first grandbaby of our family, a child I love with a ferociousness that startles me. When he is born, I  might break with the weight of my affection for him. I cannot imagine the joy she feels carrying his heartbeat inside hers. Today I will get to touch her stomach and maybe feel the baby kick. For the first time in a year, I will get to see my sister.

Nothing has turned out like I thought it would, you know? But I cannot imagine today being any better than it is going to be. Or tomorrow, I guess. Basically everything is perfect lately. I hope you’ve noticed.

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