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That’s My Dad!

28 Nov


No, I didn’t have car insurance. I didn’t have a driver’s license, why the hell would I get car insurance? That was a beautiful Buick, though. Wish I had it today. 


On Being Grateful

22 Nov

Four Years Ago

7 Nov

I watched Barack Obama become the first not-white President of the United States. I watched his acceptance speech with my husband and our friends Dan and Rachelle. Four years later, I am sitting alone watching him be declared President of the United States for a second time. Rachelle is driving back to Michigan from Oregon. My husband? Dan? Who knows, man. I’m filled with just as much joy and, yeah, hope, as I was then. As a woman, a member of the ever-diminishing middle class, and a person who believes so, so deeply in the value of treating people like people, I am joyful.

Conversations with The Little Sister

7 Nov

Me: He threatened to shoot you?!

Little Sister: Yes! In the foot!