First Story

15 Jan

I’m taking a writing course with Alice Bradley to see if I want to continue writing or if that precious little ship has sailed. The first writing prompt I received asked me to tell a story about the first story I heard. Whaaaaaaaaaaat. What. 

But I figured it out. Church – duh. That’s really the first story I heard that wasn’t a children’s book, I think. The only church I ever attended as a pretty serious Pentecostal one in rural Mississippi – I’ve talked about it before. My older sister and I would go to Sunday school while my Mom and Grammy did the main service. One Sunday they wanted us to color pictures of, like fishes and loaves. Super boring. And I tried to get out of my chair and they told me that only bad girls get out of their chairs in church. They threatened to punish me. That’s the moment that God lost me. I was only 3 years old and I knew that these tongue-talkers were full of shit. I knew that bad was more than that, way more dangerous. 

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