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Looking for a Mysterious Dark Haired Man

26 Mar

I heard this on the radio today and it bummed me out, man. I had tears running down my face before I even got home from work.

I know this song is supposed to be about some jilted Miss Havisham, but all I heard was story of a woman who never found a man better than her father.  Which is, like, only my greatest fear and pride at the same time. Goddamn. I’m still sad over it.

Bring Me Some Water

13 Mar

I work in an office that looks out on the Bay in Traverse City. I see my mother’s elementary school from where I sit. The work that I do is the work my father has done his whole life. In all the ways we have wandered, my family and me, I have somehow ended up where it all started. 

I’m lonely here sometimes, but I also can’t dispute that this is where I belong. In high school, I used to get exchange student brochures sent to my mother when I was mad at her. I was mad at her a lot. In college, I had plans to move to London with my roommate. When I was married, my husband promised he’d make it big, baby, and we’d get out of this town. 

I am alone in this city, anonymous in a way I haven’t been since I was 18 years old. My days are quiet. I type a lot. I answer every call I get, because that’s the job. 

I think I might be home.