All That You Love Will Be Carried Away

28 Apr

There’s a lot of death and sadness swirling around these days. What remains of my heart is very tender and watching my people twist in the wind is hard. I can’t usurp their grief. They have earned it, and it belongs to them.

The only things I believe in are myself and my family. I will not ask God for peace because I do not believe he will give it to me. I have this ritual lately where I look out at the water and I say, “Thank you for letting me keep what I already have.” It’s the closest I come to prayer these days and while it doesn’t bring me peace any more than God would, I find comfort in the act of being grateful. In this moment, there are people I love who are too sad, too lost to be grateful. The water is choppy today and I am braving the wind to say thank you. To them. For them. Let them keep what they have.  

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