Looking for a Mysterious Dark Haired Man

26 Mar

I heard this on the radio today and it bummed me out, man. I had tears running down my face before I even got home from work.

I know this song is supposed to be about some jilted Miss Havisham, but all I heard was¬†story of a woman who never found a man better than her father. ¬†Which is, like, only my greatest fear and pride at the same time. Goddamn. I’m still sad over it.


Lash by Dark Lash

23 Nov

Lately I’ve been driving around and waving at cute boys, when I feel particularly silly or light-hearted. It hasn’t yet made me friends, but no enemies either.


You’ll Follow Wherever They Go

1 Nov

I feel most Southern in the fall. This song makes me think of long drives, denim, and honey buns. Hard days, long nights. A man just trying to make his Grandpa proud. (Okay, that last one is a joke.)

I’m into this band something crazy. All the members have these hand poked tattoos that say “Natural Child” and now fans are getting them, too. I want one so badly.

What else am I if not a natural child?


All I Want

2 Aug

From 4:44 on is what I want. It takes a pretty righteous man to hug his girl like that. Or, his ex-girl, at least.


Rich Girl

7 May

I drive a lot, and when I’m driving I listen to the radio. (I maybe don’t know how to make my iPhone make music in my car, potentially, though who’s to say, really.) This little tune from Hall and Oates has been coming up every day for about a week. It feels like mine, even though I’ve never been a rich girl.

It’s a bitch, girl, and it’s gone too far cause you know it don’t matter anyway.


When We Had the Chance

1 Jun

If my parents saw this it would be a deal breaker but HEY WHITE WINE YOU GUYS.


Waiting On You

18 Apr

As a parlor trick, I like to ferret out fellow former Pentecostal kids at dinner parties and bars. It’s only happened twice – so I suppose it’s not such of a much as parlor tricks go – but both times were special. I met one man who had also had hands laid on him when he had scarlet fever. He saw his mother crawling on the ceiling. That did not happen to me.

He told me that he could never give up on God because his father had believed so deeply in Christ. I told him that I could not believe in God because Christ had so profoundly failed my father. So it goes.


As It Turns Out

1 Dec

I’m cooler when I’m asleep.